Bar crusher boats are considered to be one of the most sought after boats of recent times. These boats come in large number of varieties and types to suit your requirement in the best possible way. The usual reviews or feedbacks about these boats are also quite positive. In this article, we will discuss about few bar crusher boat problems which might put you in a fix while at work or leisure.

What are some of the factors about which you need to be careful while you buy bar crusher boat?

Bar Crusher Boat Problems

Engine issues

Well, there are not many complaints with regard to the engine of bar crusher boats. However, if you are choosing wrong model for any specific activity of yours, there might be issues. Be it two-stroke or Four-stroke, choosing the best fit one is important to avoid any bar crusher boat problems. Check out the capacity of the engine and the full velocity that you get after buying the boat. This will give you an idea of what probable problems might arise.

Issues with Propeller

There have been few issues reported with regard to the propeller. One must keep a regular check on dings, pitting or any sort of distortion. In case of poor handling of the issues, there might be an impact with respect to the speed and fuel economy. If the propeller does not work well, or breaks down suddenly, then you might face problems in the midst of the sea, or during a heavy storm.

Battery related issues

In case of any bar crusher boat problems related to the battery, you may look for the light that is there in the charging port of the Dash. Most of the Bar crusher boats have CTEK charging port. One must be careful to check the battery condition before going out for any purpose.

There are three signals which may help you identify in case there is any issue with the battery. Firstly, green LED light means the battery is well above 12.65 volts where as orange or yellow refers to 12.40-12.65 volts usually. A red light would mean below 12.40 volts.  

Checking the electrolyte level is also very important as there could be bar crusher boat problems.

Important Accessories

There have been cases, where the users have faced issues with bar crusher boats, while the boats were not in use for months. Therefore, keep a check on the working condition of all the accessories. You may opt for checking the navigation lights for this. Along with that, if the manufacturing date of the marine accessories are not checked, if there is an end to the expiry date, then also there can be a problem with the boat. You should also check the processes of insulation and find out if there is any problem.

Anchor related issues

At times, there could be bar crusher boat problems related to Anchor. You must keep a check on the chain and rope as well. They must be free from any kind of corrosion. In case, there is any anchor winch; that must be properly functional.


This is one of the most important segments of Trailer boats. There could be some problems with regard to the safety chain, jocky wheel, rollers and skids. Those must be in good condition. If required, lubrication of the wheel bearings might also be required. Additionally, you must keep a check on the brakes, tyre condition and the pressure level.

Apart from the aforementioned aspects, you must also be careful about the fishing gear and safety equipments.

Finally, before you take the boat out in a lake or in the ocean, you should check the adequate maintenance process and preventive timely measures, following which the bar crusher boat problems can be averted.